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The camp will take place on sailing boats located on the Mediterranean rim in the South of France.
We will be sailing from port to port, alternating sailing days with days with activities on the shore.

    Departure July 10th - La Seyne sur Mer
    Toulon - 1st military port of the Mediterranean
    La Ciotat - Shipyard
    Cassis - Creeks classified Unesco World Heritage
    Marseille - Capital of Culture 2013
    Porquerolles - Port Cros - Nature Preservation Sites
    La Seyne sur Mer

Each sailing boat will accommodate 6 students + 1 skipper and 1 peer counsellor. Boys and girls will sleep on separate boats.
Participants are not expected to know how to sail but they must enjoy the perspective of spending 2 weeks on board! All must be proficient swimmers. Only applicants with a valid swimming proficiency certificate will be considered. All campers will be required to participate in a "Life Saving" workshop and swim 200m before embarking.

Getting There:

We shall organise pick up and drop off from the following locations and at the following times:
Marseille And Toulon International Airports;

July 10th 08.00 - 16.00
July 23rd 08.00 - 14.00

NB: Outside these times, students will have to make their own way and will NOT be under our care or supervision.
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