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Participe Futur


Our programme this year will focus on cross cultural team cohesion and project work. Marine conservation will be our main theme; learning will be as intense as enjoyment; we will sail according to the winds, anchoring in ports and creeks along the Mediterranean shore.

Our team of professional trainers and Participe Futur skippers will offer interactive workshops on a wide range of life skills. These will trigger lively and profound discussions with fellow campers from all over the world. Topics will include:

Intercultural sensitivity and the celebration of cultural diversity
Relationship building
Interpersonal and communication skills
Managing stress and negative emotions
Teambuilding skills
Non violent communication and conflict resolution
Respect of self, of others and of the environment

Daily, peer counsellor and student led "C.A.S." activities (Creativity, Action, Service) will reinforce self confidence, responsibility and leadership skills. These will include:

    1.     Drawing up and implementing 'daily roles and responsibilities" (cleaning, shopping, cooking,washing, ship repairs …)
    2.     Debates and small group discussions on topical issues
    3.     Sports: mainly swimming, cycling, hiking
    4.     Organising evening activities
    5.     Community service:
        a.     sorting litter in the sea and on the beaches
        b.     testing & analysing marine flora, carrying out experiments
        c.     making presentations in ports and harbours …

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Daily Programme
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